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Welcome to Metal Detecting Oregon!

With White's metal detector mfg right here in Oregon, you'd think that seeing a person metal detecting would be more common site here in Oregon, but it's not. In the last 30 years, I can recall only seeing a handful of people with metal detectors. And here's a secret, it's fun and more people should pick up this hobby! It's not an old person's hobby, but being retired does have it's advantages (it's called free time), and it's just a great hobby for ALL ages.

Did you like movies like "National Treasure", "City Slicker's II", Indiana Jones movies, "Sahara" and of course, "Pirates of the Caribbean"? People of all ages like these movies. Why? Because it's the thought and thrill of finding something old, buried and valuable.

So if you've ever thought about metal detecting, stop thinking about it and do it. Look to the right at some of the pictures. What awaits you is good people, a little exercise and treasures.(OPB video)

As long as you have the 3-P's:

Patience, Perserverance, Persistence

Then metal detecting is a great way to spend time outdoors with the family and friends.

My hope is that as you go out and hunt areas in my videos, you'll come back and post where you hunted and what you found at the same locations. This will help us all not waste time going over same areas and hunted out locations.

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